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FirstFarms' Angels are on the road, 2021

For the 4th time, employees of FirstFarms Hungary Kft. collected presents for Christmas to children in needs of the surrounding settlements. This year's motto was Surprise Santa Claus, which means that in addition to the sweets, some small surprises and games were included in the 84 packages.

The FirstFarms Angels program was launched in 2018 as a community-building initiative. Our goal was to invite our colleagues to come along with us and help creating Christmas joy for kids who lives in difficult circumstances. We asked our employees if they would take on this challenge, and since the majority response was yes, we started organising. We deliver the gifts with help of local Social Services of Gádoros and Orosháza, for the 4th year in a row. Although experience shows that roughly the same employees are active participants in the program each year, based on feedback, the help of the whole family is often behind it. Parents, along with their children, sort out unused toys, thereby educating the little ones for kindness and tolerance and forwarding the path to happiness: „It is better to give than receive!”