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Career Fair 2021- Piglets are in action!

For the third time we have participated in the regional Career Fair.

Our goal is to be visible and accessible to young people interested in animal husbandry. Our mission was supported again by a lot of plush piglet toys.

We were waiting for the students in our exhibition stand with playful quizzes and a puzzle challenges. Nearly 100 questionnaires were completed by young people who are right before career orientation. It turned out that many of them still believe that 3-zone entry is used to cheer up workers or mark the age of pigs. Many students believe that stables should not be cleaned because pigs love to roll into mud and dirt. Few of them knew about importance of biosecurity, determinants of animal health status, while modern technologies on the pig farms were unfamiliar to them.  

We believe, that both school roadshows and active participation in career fairs, as well as transparent and dynamic communication can contribute to dispelling stereotypes. Thank you to all our visitors for their many interesting questions and active participation!