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FirstFarms Hungary Kft. won 2 billion HUF subsidy

The certificate of the subsidy was handed over by the Minister of Agriculture.

We are pleased to share that  we received the certificate of support for the construction of Telekgerendás and Pusztaföldvár for nearly HUF 2 billion, which was personally handed over by Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture.

In his speech, he emphasized that the work done by the applicants, despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus, deservedly respected, as decisions and plans about billions had to be responsibly prepared in a situation where market movements raised many doubts. He spoke appreciatively about people working in agriculture, because, as he said, life could not stop in animal husbandry or farming because of coronavirus, the period of difficult times behind us demanded correctness.

32 certificates were handed over, total HUF 21,7 billion for expansion and development plans in the agriculture, in Békés County!

We were in constant consultation with the local mayors and county officials, and we all had a common goal to create opportunity for the investment. We have got the information about the financial support in April, which means that in the end of Q3 we may start the construction in Telekgerendás and Pusztaföldvár. The new sites will be equipped with innovative technology, automated systems and serious infrastructure while our aim is to hire the best animal caretakers in Hungary, as we know from experience that Danish genetics requires exceptional attention to be able to achieve results which have elevated our company to the world's TOP pig producers. In Telekgerendás we will establish a site with capacity of 2000 sows where piglets stays where the final product of the farm is the pigs between 6 and 7 kg weight then we transport them to Pusztaföldvár. In Pusztaföldvár, piglets are fed until they reach around 25-30 kg, then we sell them. The piglets produced by us with a High-quality Pork Trademark are delivered exclusively to Hungarian fatteners.