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The benefits of three-zone entry at pig farms

From the point of view of biosecurity, the biggest danger factor is always the human. The multi-zone entry system is especially important in pig farms.

Three-zone access can be primarily respected in compact areas where there is a courtyard surrounded by a fence between the farm and the first changing room after enetring from the street (black zone). With multi-zone access, the goal is to focus on biosecurity prevention and preventing entry of pathogens into the farms/pigs. Since it is almost impossible to check the presence of any worker or visitor in the previous 48-72 hours, access to the site must be regulated by an entry system. From the point of view of disease control, one of the biggest risk factors is the human.

How does 3-zone access works?

1.    BLACK zone
Entering the black zone, we take off our street clothes, including socks. The underwear remains on us. It is forbidden to use mobile phone at the site, and we can bring anything (phone, cigarette lighter, lighter ...) into the grey zone only after disinfecting with the germicide lamp for at least 5 minutes. Before we touch anything in the grey zone, our hands should be disinfected.

2.    GREY zone
In this dressing room, we put on a dress and slippers that can only be used in the grey zone. Through the grey zone door, we get to the inside area of the farm and then pass through the next grey changing room. We take off all our clothes (including the underwear) and the slippers.
When you come into the shower area, let's take a shower, wash our hair and then we are allowed to enter to the white zone.

3.    WHITE zone
The white, means the clean zone starts with exiting the shower. After showering, we leave our towels on the dryer, we go to the dressing room of the white zone where we pick up clothes (underwear, socks, t-shirts, trousers). We wash our hands once again with a nail brush before entering the active pig farm and then disinfect them with alcoholic gel or other prepared disinfectant.

Why is hygiene important in pig farming?

It's good to know that whatever we run is a value even if we do it well or not. However, by doing well our daily tasks, including compliance with hygiene rules, we can reduce the animal health pressure on our stock, which is, for example, cost-effective in medicine, not to mention the health status of animals. A healthy stock can be made easier and cheaper to achieve the desired production targets. By keeping strict hygiene rules, we can completely change or greatly reduce the enriched, increased pathogen map of the site.