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Unique Hungarian benchmarking

Sharing information and knowledge- one of the secret of the Danish pig farmer's success and this motivated the FirstFarms Hungary Kft. to establish a Hungarian benchmarking group as well.

Danish Farmers Abdroad is one of the most known benchmarking group where professional farmers in pig farming meet twice a year to share knowledge end evaluate each others production results. The secret of the Danish pig production that they share their knowledge with each other and help to increase effeciency at the partners sites if that is required.

In 2017, the leaders of the FirstFarms Hungary Kft. (previously Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. ) established a Hungarian benchmarking group, which can be joined by any Hungarian pig farmers. Twice a year, seven prominent Hungarian pig breeders and two-carcass-planning companies, evaluate each other’s performance, where are also discussed the reasons of the improvements. Benchmarking partners are practically very skilled, and communication's, evaluation's and experience change's results are measurable at these companies.

This unique initiatives in Hungary makes a real difference!