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Biosecurity-The Challenge!

ASF (African swine fever), which is affecting more and more European countries, is turning all responsible pig farmer’s attention to an increased biosecurity control.

It is important to note that the ASF virus itself is slow to spread, but the carrier factors make the disease spread extremely fast. The ASF virus appeared in 1957 - although with a different genotype - that later infected Europe (Portugal, Spain..ect). Currently, no vaccine is available, so it is important to reinforce prevention by reviewing biosecurity control practices.

The basis for maintaining immunity is strict biosecurity control. The first, perhaps most important, step of which is to make it clear to the employees which disease we are facing with, why it is important to remain free of ASF, and the damage that a possible infection can cause. It is important to train our people with presentations, film clips, combined with the daily work rutine,  real cases showing where are the weak points in the production. Biosecurity control is teamwork where everyone's idea matters.

It is important to respect protection zones (black-and-white) while entering to the sites. It is essential to create a system where private clothes do not contact with any other zone’s clothes. Different zone’s clothes, shoes or tools are not allowed to be mixed, and need to be washed and disinfected in the zone where they belong. In the same time personal things shouldn’t enter into the site. Indispensable things like glasses, telephones requires strict disinfection (germicide lamp + alcohol) before they get inside to the site.

In case of employee’s catering It is recommended the non-pork origin meals. Food made from pork should not be consumed in the farm’s area. Especially when we have external companies working on or around the site- it is our duty to inform that if they are consuming pork origin meal, to take the rests (including package) home, and not throw in the farm’s garbage container.

It is also important to restrict traffic of foreign vehicles around the sites. Own vehicles and machines can only go inside of the fences after a strict disinfection protocol. The safest way is to set up a point for sales and delivery  outside and far away from the site. This includes the animal’s sales, transport of waste and transport of garbage. Incinerator is the best solution to the keep away the high risk waste transport trucks.

Protection against mosquitoes and rodents is also very important. During summer mosquitoes needs higher focus, while during cold and cool seasons the rodents carry high risk because of their penetration from the barren outdoor areas into our buildings. Cleanliness of the site buildings and around the buildings, farm yard is important to keep rodents away.